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Bogor - 1 hours from Jakarta by car

Bogor is a small city located approximately 50 km from Jakarta , approximate driving time is less than an hour. During the Dutch colonial era, Bogor was known as But nowadays, Bogor is known as Kota Hujan- the raining city. It almost is raining or cloudy all days throughout the year. There is no significant attraction in the city, beside Tajur. Tajur is the area where numerous stores are selling handmade purses, travel bags, belts and all the accessories at affordable price. However, the area surrounds Bogor has a long history.


Bogor Presidential Palace / Istana Bogor
Istana BogorAppropriately named by the Dutch as a town "without worries", the Dutch chose Bogor to be the site for constructing the first palace of the Dutch Governor General back in 1745. Later restored in 1832, the building still stands solid and elegant today. With its stretched out gardens where deer roam freely on the green grass under majestically tall old trees, this building is called Istana Bogor (Bogor Presidential Palace). To visit this palace, arrange a permit in advance.

Bogor Botanical Garden
RafflesiaRafflesiaBeside the Bogor Presidential Palace, another attraction in Bogor is Botanical Garden. It was founded in 1817, by the Prussian-born, Dutch government naturalist Caspar Reinwardt, with the help of two Englishmen from Kew Gardens. This institution was in the forefront of the Victorian colonial enterprise of documenting, classifying and trying to tame the natural world. Bogor Botanical Garden covers a total area of 87 hectares, with thousands of species of plant-life from all over the world, including towering age old trees and the rarest kinds of orchids. Come and see the original "Havea Brazilliensis" rubber tree, formerly imported from Brazil, and world's largest flower, the Rafflesia, a foul smelling and stemless as well as leafless plant. Going to Bogor and explore the palace and Botanical Garden may take you a whole day.

Zoological Museum
On display in this Museum are stuffed animals placed in a diorama in glass display cases, arranged as if they were alive in their natural surroundings. It is located near the kebun raya (Bogor Botanical Gardens)

Batu-Tulis Ciaruteun (Stone Inscription)

An inscribed stone in the Sanskrit language originating in South India, which is a relic from the Tarumanegara kingdom during the reign of King Purnawarman in 450 A.D. This stone inscription is located on the bank of the Ciaruteun river in Ciampea village. This place can be reached by driving along the 9-kilometer road from Bogor to Ciampea followed by two kilometers hike.




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