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Batam is one of the largest island of the Riau Archipelago and is located at only 20 km south of Singapore. This strategic position makes it easily accessible by air and water and thus a desired tourist and business destination. The island is a free trade zone, which contributes to its attractiveness to both private and company customers.

Luxurious beach resorts, wild nature, great seafood and duty-free shopping: to name a few of the attractive features of the Indonesian island, Batam. A fast developing industrial zone, providing typical Indonesian entertainments and exotic vacation places, Batam is a most wanted destination for those seeking relaxing and unique experience among Asian's lands.

Batam can be reached by air from major cities in Indonesia and internationally. Domestic airline companies currently flying to Batam include Garuda Indonesia Airways, Merpati Nusantara, Bouraq Airlines, Mandala Airlines, Jatayu Airlines and several air charter services. Highspeed transport ships also bring visitors to Batam from Singapore, Johor and Jakarta, with hourly services running throughout the day, from various ports around Batam. Due to the proximity of Singapore, most visitors to Batam find that coming by high-speed transport ships is the easiest method of transport.


  • The local buses operate in fixed directions and can be stopped on the street as a taxi. Make sure that the bus is going into your direction before you take it.
  • Damri buses are the cheapest, though unreliable from a frequency point of view, way of getting around. Fares: Rp.1000.
  • Taxis are metred but you should better negotiate the price in advance because most drivers don't use the metre. Unless you tell the driver you don't want to share the cab, he will pick up other passengers. Prices for shared taxi vary from Rp. 2000 to Rp. 3000. It is also possible to hire the car for the whole day. Prices: around Rp.150 000-200 000 per day.
  • Ojek is another cheap means of transport, namely a motorcycle taxi. Bargain the price before you get on. It is usually around Rp. 2500- 3000 for short distances.




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