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Bandung - 2 to 3 hours drive from Jakarta

Bandung had developed itself into an exclusive European resort style with hotels, cafes and shops. Rich plantation owners came during the weekends and so did girls and businessmen from the capital, Batavia. The promenade Braga Street grew into an elite area of cafes, restaurants and boutique shops. Two art-deco style hotels, Savoy Homann and Preanger, became two major accommodations there. The Concordia Society (now known as Merdeka Building) was built as a club house of these rich people, complete with a large ballroom and a theater. The title of "Parijs van Java" was given to the city.

patenggang-lakeToday, Bandung has growth more than its city core with the Bandung Raya plan. Traffic in Bandung is infamous with its complex, congested and chaotic nature . The city core is practically uprooted, old faces are torn down, lot sizes regrouped, and what was idyllic residence is now bustling chain supermarkets and rich banks . However Bandung is always be a weekend break destination for people living in Jakarta , especially with the completion of new Cipularang highway that significantly reduced the travel time from Jakarta . The major attraction to come to Bandung is the food and fashion shopping. The food in Bandung is well known for their wide varieties and taste. Bandung is also a place to do fashion shopping with its numerous factory outlets.

To get there

The main gateway to the city is by road transport. An intercity highway, named as Cipularang toll road , connecting Jakarta , Karawang , Purwakarta , Padalarang and Bandung , has recently been completed in May 2005. It is currently the fastest way to go to Bandung from the capital. Driving time is about 1.5 to 2 hours on average.

Bandung can be accessed through normal roads. From Jakarta, there are 2 options: the Puncak route (Jakarta- Cianjur / Sukabumi -Bandung) or the Subang route (Jakarta- Cikampek - Subang - Lembang -Bandung). From eastern part of the cities ( Cirebon , Tasikmalaya and Central Java province), Bandung can be accessed through the main provincial road.

There is no rapid mass transit system in Bandung . The primary means of public transportation is by minibus, called angkot (from angkutan =transportation and kota =city). They serve certain routes throughout the city and are operated privately. There is no way to find exact angkot routes, except by asking the operators. Locals only learn routes for each angkot by heart. Taxis are available, while city-owned buses , called DAMRI , operates on larger relatively long routes. Bandung has 2 intercity bus terminals: Leuwipanjang, serving buses from the west, and Cicaheum, serving buses from the east.

The only airport in Bandung is Husein Sastranegara, serving flights from other major cities in Indonesia and also international services from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur . The airport is located nearby the Dirgantara aerospace complex. A railroad track connects Bandung to Jakarta and Cianjur to the west, and Tasikmalaya and Cilacap to the east. It is also the major means of transportation for people living in suburb areas of Cimahi , Padalarang, Rancaekek, Cicalengka and Cileunyi.





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