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Jakarta Monuments

National Monument (Monumen Nasional, often abbreviated Monas)
Address: Lapangan Merdeka (BRT Monumen Nasional), Gambir.
Phone: (62)(21) 384 0451.
Review: A towering 137m-tall obelisk with 35 kilos of solid gold shaped into flames up top, this is the most famous landmark in Jakarta. The monument was commissioned by Sukarno in 1961 to celebrate Indonesia's independence; it was completed in 1975 after his death and is consequently known irreverently as Sukarno's Last Erection.

The form stands in the shape of an “Alu” or rice pestle on top of a cup form-like “Lumpang” or mortar. This shape symbolizes eternal life as well as signifying the struggle for independence and the pride and nobility of the resulting victory to stand alone as a nation. The flame at the top of the Monument symbolizes the spirit of an independent Indonesian nation.

The building specifications of the Monas Monument deliberately focus on the date which President Soekarno proclaimed independence for Indonesia – 17th of August 1945. Therefore, most of the measurements of the monument and the associated buildings have the numbers 17, 8 and 45 associated with them.- The interior of the Museum hall in the basement is 8-metres high and the main hall measures 80metres x 80metres. The base of the monument in the shape of the rice mortar is 45x45 metres wide.

Monas at night Monas Monas, JakartaMonas
"Monas" at Night



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