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Restaurant Reviews for Malay Food
exclusively by: JAKARTA FOOD HUNTER

Penang Place - generous portion
By: Tum-tum, Jun 07
Last week, my friends and I went for dinner at Penang Place in Plaza Indonesia , which is located on central Jakarta . Penang Place is serving an authentic food from Malaysia . The interior décor of the restaurant is quite nice, minimalist style with the modern touch.

Anyway, while we were waiting for some friends who were late, we decided to order some appetizers. We ordered roti canai and seafood kway teow. The roti canai can be ordered crispy or soft. It is accompanied by chicken curry on the side. The roti canai tasted really nice. The kway teow was served on medium portions. It was delicious but I liked the roti canai better. It was a nice appetizer to start with.

Later after all our friends came, we finally decided to order the main course. It seems like most of their specialties come in two preparations: grilled and stir fried. We ordered grilled stingray, fried soft crab with milky flake & pepper, chicken balacan, beef rendang special, and sautéed string beans with ebi. The chicken balacan goes really well with the thai sauce which is just nice. However the soft crab with milky flake & pepper and the beef rendang doesn't taste that great.

Overall experience: The portions of the meal were generous and the price was quite reasonable especially if you have certain credit card for additional discount. In terms of service and ambience, you'll find it very pleasant. The chicken balacan was excellent and the sautéed string beans really good. It was an enjoyable and satisfying meal.




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