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Restaurant Reviews for Local Food
exclusively by: JAKARTA FOOD HUNTER

Dapoer - the good old time Indonesian food.
By: tumtum, July 07
On one occasion, my friends and I went to the traditional Indonesian cuisine restaurant called Dapoer (which means kitchen), located across Hotel Grand Mahakam, South Jakarta. The atmosphere of the old times can be sensed from the building, the food and beverages, the dark wooden furniture and the dim lighting of the restaurant. This is the place to enjoy the diversity of Indonesian, Chinese and Dutch classical favorite cuisine such as various kinds of rice and noodles.

The ambience
Kafe Betawi Dapur Umum Restaurant
Kafe Betawi Dapur Umum Restaurant
Kafe Betawi Dapur Umum Restaurant

After spending some time looking at the menu, we were finally ready to order the food. We started with the appetizers, Dutch style bitter ballen (it’s like croquette, mashed potato stuffed with vegetable puree and minced beef), crispy fried chicken skin, and perkedel jagung (fried minced corn with herbs). Among the other appetizers, I like the fried chicken skin the most. It is crispy, yet not oily. For the main course, I ordered a bowl of oxtail soup with steam rice on the side, while my friends ordered “Dapoer” fried rice (the restaurant’s signature fried rice), kway teow “Ngkoh” (Ngkoh’s flat rice noodle), soto ayam gerobak (cart’s chicken soto) and tahu campur (an Eastern Java food which consists of tofu, lettuce, beansprout, and beef in a shrimp paste soup). I tasted all the food but in my personal opinion, the Dapoer fried rice was the best. The rice wasn’t sticky, the taste was good, and it was served in a pretty large portion. For the drinks, we ordered lime squash and green bean ice. Both drinks tasted standard.

The Food
Kafe Betawi Dapur Umum Restaurant
Kafe Betawi Dapur Umum Restaurant
Kafe Betawi Dapur Umum Restaurant

Going to this restaurant will give you an interesting experience. The atmosphere the place will guide you to a journey through time. Good food, affordable price, worth to try.

Jimbaran Restaurant
By: dot, May 07
Jimbaran Resto is a restaurant located on the east side of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol/Ancol Dreamland. According to the publications we read, this restaurant offers the customers a glimpse of Bali . Customers will be able to enjoy a sea side atmosphere, eating superb seafood cooked in Balinese style while listening to gamelan instrumental ( Bali traditional music). And during the weekends, one can enjoy live Bali dance performances accompanied by vibrant gamelan music.

My friends and I went to this restaurant in mid May 2007. We did not make any reservation in advance. Thus we considered ourselves lucky when the waiter seated us at the outdoor seating, where we can enjoy the sea breeze. While waiting for the food, we were entertained by the live gamelan music.

The gamelan music was soothing, but the mosquitoes were not! We were busy scratching and moving our feet to keep the mosquitoes away during our one hour wait for the food. So for those people who want to eat in this restaurant, it might be a good idea to bring some mosquito repellant.

Aside from the mosquito repellant, it might also be a good idea to bring a microwave. We waited for more than one hour for our food to come out. After a long wait, with the mosquito bites on our feet, we were thrilled when we saw the waiter brought the tray with our food on it. However, our excitement was banished when we saw that the food was cold. The kangkong, the crabs, the grilled fish, and the shrimp we ordered, were not warm enough (it almost seems as they have cooked the food and let it sit for quite a long time before serving them to us). They might be understaffed at that moment, since it took us another 20 minutes just to have the bill. In summary, the quality of the seafood was mediocre, the taste was disappointing, the service was not that great, and the price of the food was not that cheap either.

On the other hand, the pleasant things about this restaurant are the great sea view, the authentic architectural building and statues, the quiet and romantic atmosphere, and the relaxing live performance gamelan music. Nevertheless, this restaurant does not live up to our expectation of experiencing Bali . Our dining experience, under the stars at one of the cafes down at Jimbaran Beach Bali, was much more pleasant than this dining experience in Jimbaran Resto Ancol.

Dapur Umum - Fresh seafood, very reasonable price
By: dot, May 07
Dapur umum literally means Public Kitchen. This restaurant is located inside the Metro Marina residential area in Ancol, North Jakarta. It offered an extremely low price food due to the subsidy made by Metro Marina Residential developer. The developer tries to attract people to come to the area, to check out the available show unit while waiting for the table, hoping that the people will be interested to purchase the townhouses there. An hour waiting line is not uncommon here. The mouth-to-mouth advertisement was so powerful that I decided to go there and experience it myself.

Dapur Umum Restaurant Dapur Umum Restaurant
Restaurant front view Gaurami Fish

So we went there on one Saturday evening. When we get there, we found out that there are actually two Dapur Umur Restaurants: one is serving Chinese food, while the other serves seafood. We chose the one serving seafood. To save time, the waiter asked us to order once we put our name on the waiting list. Fortunately, we only had to wait for 30 minutes.

Dapur Umum Restaurant Dapur Umum Restaurant
Jumbo Shrimp Crab in Padang Sauce

We ordered crab in Padang sauce, jumbo shrimp with Worchester sauce, grilled white bass fish, deep fried gaurami fish, kangkong with shrimp paste, Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce, deep fried breaded squid, two kind of clams (one is the regular clam, the other one is the long ones, Indonesian call it bamboo clam), and fried stuffed tofu. The overall taste of the food is average. However, what is exceptional about this restaurant, compared to other similar restaurants in Jakarta, is the quality of the seafood served. The female crab we ordered was full of eggs. The crab meat, the fish, and the shrimp were remarkably fresh. (Yum!)

Dapur Umum Restaurant Dapur Umum Restaurant
Bamboo Clam Bamboo Clam

According to my friend, who is a regular there, Dapur umum has increased the price twice. However, even with the increased price, it is still considerably inexpensive.

In addition to the inexpensive fresh seafood, the interior of restaurant itself looks surprisingly nicer than what I expected (When I heard “Dapur Umum/Public kitchen, what comes to my mind was old, shabby, poorly lit restaurant). The place was decorated with simple white tables and chairs, with orange walls and lights. However, both restaurants seemed to be built on a wooden platform that when people walk by, you can hear the loud footstep, and you can even feel your chair bounces a little. But it didn't really bother us since all of us were too busy cracking the crab claws.

Ayam Goreng NY. Suharti (NY. Suharti Friend Chicken) - Truly Java Dishes!!
By: dot, June 07

Established in Yogyakarta , Ayam Goreng Ny. Suharti is currently one of the most famous local fried chicken restaurants in Indonesia . Ayam Goreng Ny. Suharti has many branches throughout Java Island . The restaurants were owned by a couple who now have split up. However, both are still running separate restaurants under the same name. The only difference between the two is: the wife puts a picture of a woman as her restaurant sign, while the ex-husband put a picture of a rooster as his restaurant sign.Both restaurants serve the same menu, which is the famous Ny. Suharti Fried Chicken.

My colleagues and I visited the branch restaurant located in Raya Perjuangan, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta . We ordered the famous fried chicken. The fried chicken was well marinated and then deep fried, a little crispy on the outside, but really tender in the inside. Then, on top of the chicken, they put the crispy crust. This crust tasted really good, it literally melts in your mouth. Even though the chicken was not that big in portion, the taste was superb! We also ordered the grilled chicken, but I personally recommend the fried chicken than the grilled one.

Another recommended dish that you should order when you visit this restaurant is Gudeg, a traditional food originated from Yogyakarta, Central Java . Gudeg is portions of marinated boiled egg, unripe jackfruit, beef skin, and chicken cooked in coconut sauce. The unripe jackfruit tasted sweet, while the beef skin tasted salty and a little spicy. The Gudeg was served on a regular plate when we dined in there. However, for takeaway, they put the Gudeg in Kendil (A black color pot made of clay).

There was nothing special about the ambiance of the restaurant. Simply a restaurant with dim lighting, decorated with furniture made of rattan/wood.

Kafe Betawi - traditional Betawi street food in a comfortable ambiance
By: dot, June 07

Last weekend couple of friends and I went to Senayan City (popularly called Senci, read: send-see) to watch a movie in Senayan City XXI. Right after we parked, we passed by Kafe Betawi, a restaurant that specializes in Indonesian cuisine, Betawi cuisine in particular. The place was packed with people dining in. Out of curiosity, we decided to check out the food in this place before going in to the movie.

So we ordered gado-gado (cooked veggies, tofu, and cucumber in peanut sauce, topped with melinjo crackers), sotomie (vermicelli, cabbage, carrot, fried spring roll, and beef slices in beef broth), nasi uduk empal (rice cooked in coconut milk with fried beef slices that were first marinated in traditional herbs), ketoprak( vermicelli, fried tofu, sliced cucumber, ketupat (steamed rice wrapped and cooked in leaf), and bean sprout, poured with sweet peanut sauce and cracker on top). And lastly, inspired by the name of the restaurant “kafe betawi” we ordered soto betawi (slices of beef, beef tribe, beef lung, and beef tendon in murky coconut broth).

Main Course
Kafe Betawi Dapur Umum Restaurant
Gado-Gado Nasi Uduk Empal
Kafe Betawi Dapur Umum Restaurant
Soto Mie Soto Betawi
Kafe Betawi Dapur Umum Restaurant
Ketoprak Kerupuk

The nasi uduk empal that we ordered was tasty. The empal/beef slice was marinated long enough that I can still feel the mixed of herbs on the inside part of the meat. The gado-gado we ordered tasted pretty good as well. But personally, I prefer the Ketoprak more than the gado-gado. The Ketoprak peanut sauce was mixed with crushed garlic which added more aromas and flavor to the food. The cracker, dipped in this sauce, was delicious. The sweet and garlicky taste of the peanut sauce combined with the salty cracker gives a unique sensation to my tongue. Yum!! But on the other hand, the sotomie and the soto betawi were not as good as I expected. Both dishes were bland. The sotomie broth did not taste beefy enough, while the soto betawi coconut broth was not thick and tasty enough.

In addition to the food, we also ordered the Es Doger (a mixed of small sized tapioca pearls, young coconut, and black glutinous rice covered with shaved ice and rose syrup) and Es Shanghai/Es Campur (mixed of young coconut, fermented cassava and grass jelly topped with shaved ice, rose syrup and condensed milk). Both drinks were sweet and refreshing.

Kafe Betawi Dapur Umum Restaurant

Basically all the food served here can be found anywhere throughout Jakarta , sold in carts by the street vendors. However, due to the air conditioned indoor location, the cleanliness, the better service, the wide range selection of food, and the authentic taste of the food offered, even though the prices are approximately triple, quadruple or even more compared to the price of the street vendors', many people don't hesitate to pay the price and dine in this restaurant.




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