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Restaurant Reviews for Italian Food
exclusively by: JAKARTA FOOD HUNTER

Atavola - Italian home-made food in a casual atmosphere.
By: dot, July 07
Atavola is a small Italian restaurant located in Kemang Raya, South Jakarta. I went to Kemang area so many times, and yet I never noticed this restaurant until one of my friends recommended it to me. Located on the corner of a tiny commercial complex, Atavola has more than just a good food to offer. While many Italian restaurants in Jakarta are built for a fine dining type, this restaurant is build for families and friends to meet for casual Italian food, cheese and wine. The owner (and the chef) of this restaurant is a surgeon living in Singapore who goes back and forth to Jakarta. The concept of the restaurant is to offer customers a good authentic Italian food, just like when you come over to your friends’ place for dinner/lunch.

The Food
Kafe Betawi Dapur Umum Restaurant
Kafe Betawi Dapur Umum Restaurant

Stepping into the restaurant, I saw see nicely arranged furniture, pictures hanging on the wall, magazine rack by the door, some old memorabilia scattered around the place, and a refrigerator full of different types of cheese. I wanted to order the pizza, but unfortunately this restaurant specialized in the pastas and sandwiches (it only served one kind of pizza), so I ordered lasagna, spaghetti with anchovies, and green salad. The dishes were served in a medium portion.

The spaghetti was cooked like what it should be, not too soft, with little meat in it. The lasagna taste like a home made lasagna, delicious. However, the green lettuce tossed in olive oil was too salty. I did not order the Italian wine since it was too early to drink alcoholic beverage. So I ordered flavored Italian soda instead.

The overall experience was pleasant. Good food, great atmosphere, fair pricing.

Spageddies - Casual Italian food with great food and great service.
By: dot, June 07
Spageddies is a restaurant located in Senayan City Mall, Central Jakarta. It is an American-franchised family restaurant serving Italian food. This restaurant is divided into 3 sections. In the front part of the restaurant, there are sofas with low tables, most probably used for customers who want to enjoy dessert, light meal or drinks. The middle section is the main dining area. Located at the right side of this section is a unique open kitchen, in which meal preparations take place within full view of the dining customers. The customers can watch the cooks hustle around in their white aprons. And the last section is a small room separated by glass window, constructed for the smoking area.

The Food
Kafe Betawi Dapur Umum Restaurant
Kafe Betawi Dapur Umum Restaurant
Kafe Betawi Dapur Umum Restaurant

We ordered the appetizer sampler (fried soft shell crab, mozzarella cheese stick, and calamari), garlic cheese bread, bruschetta, chicken bbq pizza, Vongole Spaghetti, and Penne Alfredo. The appetizer sampler, garlic cheese bread, and bruschetta tasted average. However, the Vongole Spaghetti tasted really good! The spaghetti was served in generous portion, with lots of clams and a sprinkle of chopped cilantro on the top. The Penne was cooked perfectly then tossed into the tasty creamy Alfredo sauce. And the bbq chicken pizza had crispy thin crust, and little meat on top, the way an Italian pizza should be. My friend who loves Italian pizza commented that the pizza was pretty good. However, since I am used to the taste of American pizza (with the bouncy thick dough and tons of meat on it), the bbq chicken pizza tasted rather bland to me.

Even though Spageddies serves a variety of mouthwatering desserts, due to the generous portion of the dishes, we did not have enough space in our stomach for the dessert. My friend informed me that their Italian chocolate cake tastes heavenly. But I guess I will have to wait for my next visit to try that.

Another thing to add, the service in this restaurant was excellent. The food came out fast, and the staffs were energized, friendly and helpful. Moreover, aside from having a special menu for children, they also prepare crayon and drawing books for the children who are waiting for the food to come out.

Izzi Pizza - Pizza with lots of promo
By: bear, May 07
Izzi Pizza is mushrooming in Jakarta. What I like best is the 50% discount offer. Few months back was with credit card, and recently is with Esia (one of telecomunication provider). That really makes eating more relaxed. Nothing special with the pizza altho its not bad either. I must compliment the Greek Salad and Cesar Salad...really nice!

Trattoria - Italian taste in Jakarta
By: bear, June 07
It is an Italian restaurant located in Pondok Indah (next to Pondok Indah hospital). Trattoria serves with Italian food with a more authentic Italian taste compare to other Italian restaurants in Jakarta. Great place, good food!

The food - I love their pastas... Every time I went there, almost all pastas I ordered were amazing. Pizza is good too, although it will never be the same as when you have it in Italy ...taste is among the range of 8 out of 10 (If I may say). Noting that I was having Italian pizza in Jakarta , I think the chef is doing great job.

Place - the place is designed with open window, no glasses unlike other restaurant in Jakarta . However, no worries of sweating, they have air con all over the place. I like the minimalist concept from the table setting, menu and interior. Few months back, I noticed that Trattoria has opened in EX center, but with less food variety.

Price - pastas and pizzas are priced at Rp 50,000 on average. I would consider it worth paying.

Last but not least....chocolate liqueur complimentary. Although it is not a "stunning" complimentary, but I must say that on my first visit, it was a pleasant surprise.

One more thing to add is that after several visits, I realized "cash only" note only on my recent visit. Luckily, ATMs are available all over the complex.




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