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DelmanPerhaps the only truly traditional transportation left in Jakarta , delman (horse-drawn carriages) are getting harder to spot in Jakarta nowadays. They are most commonly used to transport goods from major markets. Delman can often be found around Pasar Palmerah, Kemanggisan, Cipulir, around big pasar run by PD Pasar Jaya (the city market authority).

On Sundays you can rent a delman in the roads surrounding Monas (the national monument). The locals usually pile in the kids and have the delman driver take them for a fun ride around the Monas park.

Delman are often rented by a Betawi family to transport kids around the neighborhood to celebrate a sunatan ceremony (circumcision). When rented for parties such as this, the delman are often decorated with traditional Betawi ornamentation which lends a very festive air.

Delman have been used by the expatriate community in Permata Hijau for years to carry their kids around the housing complex to the participating homes for trick-or-treat fun. They provide great fun for a expat child's birthday party as well.

Bargain ahead of time to settle on a price as the price varies depending on the distance. Delman pictured above is from Cibadak, near Sukabumi.




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