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Cineplex 21 is a company that owns numbers of cinemas in big cities across Indonesia. Most of the cinemas are equipped with high technology sound system, such as Dolby Digital, THX, etc. Aside from the regular 21 cinema, this company has launched Studio XXI which is targeted to the upper middle class people. In addition to the high technology sound system, these XXI cinemas provides better/larger seats, a lobby and café, with ticket price almost doubled the regular ones.

For cinema lovers who want to enjoy the cinema watching experience to the fullest, there are The Premiere… This new concept of cinema is created to make the viewers feel like home without eliminating the essential part of the cinema itself. Aside from the best sound system and an exclusive lobby and café, large coach and blanket also provided for your convenience. Moreover, a waiter stands by to bring you your food and beverage. Unfortunately, the Premiere cinemas are only available in few places in Jakarta.

Nowadays, most cinemas are playing Hollywood movies, with a small percentage of Chinese and Indonesian movies. Local movie industry has been through tough time in the past, but lately the condition has improved significantly. Many local production house produced movies that were featured in worldwide film festivals such as Pasir Berbisik, Gie, and Berbagi Suami.

Not only the local movie industry that suffers, the cinema industry as a whole suffered greatly from the pirated movies that are sold freely in the market. To undertake this challenge, the company has launched several programs to increase the number of viewers. There is Nomat/ Nonton Hemat almost in every cinema on Monday (Price is cheaper in Monday compared to other days). And on weekends, some Cinema 21 and XXI have ‘buy one get one free' program for customers who own some specific credit card. The company has also made it more convenient for customers to buy the ticket. Currently, tickets can be purchased few days in advance, by phone and by text message.




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