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Second Floor Bar
Address: Kemang Raya no. 24, South Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (62)(21) 7183216
Specialties: After having several shots, your chat with friends will stop and turn into dancing, because the hip-hop/trance-techno music with live DJ will spoil your ears. This club is also popular for expatriates hang out. The one and only concern is the toilets. They only provide one toilet for each male/female. The queue is hopeless, especially when you're quite desperate. But, if you're looking for cheap shots and beer, hang-out with friends, this is the place to start your evening.

Sportsmans Bar
Address: Jl Falatehan I 8, Jakarta 12160
Phone: (62)(21) 7204731.
Specialties: This two-stories bar has a pleasantly spacious bar, a pool table and dining area on the back of the bar. A favourite early-evening watering-hole for the business community and TV sports fan. Sportsman is very much a guys' bar. No girls are allowed in unless accompanied.

Stanford Arms
Address: Jl Iskandarsyah Raya 1 Hotel Ambhara GF, Jakarta 1216
Phone: (62)(21) 2700800.
Specialties: Although it's really just a small bar and dinery tacked onto the posterior of the Ambhara Hotel, this is actually quite a nice little hostelry that's made a niche for itself on the Blok. It caters mainly for the passing business trade, and has the synthetic Olde-Worlde trimmings that tiresomely adorn so many pubs these days - the bar-world's equivalent of airport art.

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Tiga Puluh
Address: Le Meridien 1st fl., Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 18-20. Jakarta 10220.
Phone: (62)(21) 2513131
Specialties: The Jekyll and Hyde of Jakarta's nightclubs: as you step in, you'll find a stylish, quiet, well-lit wine bar, but behind the double doors lies a dimly lit and noisy nightclub packed with girls.

Top Gun
Specialties: The main bar has a characterless long counter with all the charm of a public urinal on the left, facing a pool table; behind it (at the back of the bar) there's a separate restaurant room, and to the right another bar with a pool table. (This room, too, used to be separate from the main bar - but one day management knocked the wall down without warning anybody and several of the more inebriate regulars fell over when they tried to lean against it.) Drink prices are about average for Blok M. Top Gun has always been a girlie bar. Mitigating factors: pleasant and efficient bar staff, two (albeit crap) pool tables, and the best nosh on the street.

Twelve Blues Bar/BBs
Address: Jl. Sidoarjo 1, Menteng, Jakarta 10320
Phone: (62)(21) 314 1740.
Specialty: Rock and roll pub on one floor, disco on another. Drink: spirits, beers, softdrink, fruit juices. Daily live blues/jazz performance. Behind Plaza Menteng.

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Oak Room
Address: Nikko Hotel GF, Jl. MH Thamrin 59, Jakarta 10350.
Phone: (62)(21) 230 1122, Fax.: (62)(21) 314 3631.
Specialty: A wine bar with English club atmosphere. Drink: fine wine, liquor, beers.

Address: Kemang
Specialties: The Venue opens at 10 PM . The vibe is quite relaxed during that time; guests relax on the sofas and order food such as the grilled ribs, steaks, and other dishes to build up their energy for the long night. Food is served until 1 AM. The action then begins at around 11 PM . And what a diverse crowd! From the casually dressed, the uptown boutique lovers to the dreadlocked-rockers in black, everyone joins the party. Drinks such as Heineken draft beer and their popular mixes Red Ice and Fire Fall are promptly served. The bartenders are friendly, even performing amazing bartending moves. Resident DJs are DJ Yiyik and DJ Mone who play garage, electronica, and house music. Bring extra cash during weekends, as the cover charge and drinks are not as cheap as they are during Mondays up to Wednesdays. The club can accommodate up to 1,000 guests on a busy night.

Address: Plaza Semanggi, 17th fl., Jl. Jend Sudirman, Kav.50, South Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (62)(21) 25536756
Specialties: Vertigo has become one of the most popular entertainment spots in the metropolis; it provides a surreal view of Jakarta from the 17 th floor of Plaza Semanggi, boasting of an excellent sound system. The place is quite enormous; up to 2000 clubbers can party the night away at Vertigo. The house has two large bars; one is right behind the DJ booth and the other one is adjacent to the dance floor, both are ready to offer you a range of drinks to match your taste. Resident music masters DJ Reynald and DJ Rowland spin their hottest progressive tracks every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday while DJ Arsya whips up R&B beats on Thursdays

Vin+wine boutique and lounge
Address: Kemang Raya 45B, Jakarta 12730, South Jakarta , Indonesia
Phone: (62)(21) 7179 2577
Specialties: With more than 800 labels from across the globe, trust Vin+ to have a wine to suit every taste and price range. Red wines, white wines, sparkling wines, fortified wines, and dessert wines are sold from Rp,50000 and up. Those who have limited experience in wine appreciation need not feel intimidated as Vin+ staff are more than happy to answer questions and share tips on wine shopping. Wine lovers may broaden their knowledge further by joining the boutique's Privilege Customers Club, which conducts wine tasting sessions during Sundays.
Members also have the opportunity to purchase featured wines at discounted prices. A great way to enjoy a bottle of wine is to share it with friends at the Vin+ Lounge, quietly tucked away at the back of the shop. Dimly-lit, with cozy leather sofas and mirrored walls, the lounge has a relaxed atmosphere, where guests can loosen up the minute they walk in. Seats are rather difficult to find during peak hours, particularly for large groups, so making reservations beforehand is recommended. Operating Hours: Vin+ Wine Boutique is open from 9 AM to 9 PM from Mondays to Saturdays, and from 9 AM to 6 PM on Sundays. The Vin+ Lounge is open from 3 PM to 11 PM.

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