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Jakarta Mosque

Istiqlal Mosque (Mesjid Istiqlal)

National Museum Address: Jalan Taman Wijaya Kusuma, Central Jakarta.
Phone: (62)(21) 386 8347.
Review: Indonesia is the biggest Muslim nation on earth and therefore, fittingly, the biggest mosque in South-East Asia is situated in Central Jakarta. The Mesjid Istiqlal Mosque was started under President Soekarno's reign in the early 1960s, but not finished until 1978 when President Soeharto had come to power.

The name “Istiqlal” means “freedom” and the mosque can hold up to 250,000 people, but you usually won't see that many people here except on the holiest days of the year – Idul Fitri and Idul Adha. If you've never seen a mosque on the inside before, then this would be a good one to start with as the scale is truly huge.

Inside, find your way up to the top floor where you can look down on the main hall where thousands of people come every week to pray. If you do want to visit, remember to wear long pants and by paying a donation the security staff will take you on a short guided tour of the mosque.




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