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Dining Tips

Some restaurants will serve you a glass of hot tea once you are seated. However, if you wish to have water instead, always order a bottle of mineral water instead of ordering a glass of water (you will never know what kind of water you're gonna get).

In padang restaurant, many different kind of food will be served on your table. Don't worry, you don't have to finish everything. You will be charged accordingly to the food you ate.

A bowl filled with water and a slice of lime will be served in some restaurants. Don't drink it! It's for washing your hand before or after eating with your hands.

During a meal, burping is acceptable. But blowing your nose is considered rude.

In some larger restaurants, service tip will be included in the bill. In smaller restaurants, usually people give tip below five thousand rupiah. But in hawker center, tip is not necessary.

Due to vigorous competition among credit card companies, many restaurants are offering special discount and promotion if you pay the bill using certain credit card. Ask the waiter for detailed promotion.





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