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Culture Tips

•  When giving or receiving things, always use your right hand. It is considered impolite to use your left hand, since left hand is deemed as the ‘restroom-business hand'. (While westerners use tissue, Indonesian people in general use water and their hands to do their restroom business.)

•  Whenever you visit the home of Indonesians, always take off your shoes at the main entrance, unless the owner of the house told you otherwise.

•  Head is considered as something sacred. Avoid petting or touching people's head, especially older people's.

•  Indonesians refer older male as ‘pak' which is the abbreviation of ‘bapak' (which means sir), and the older female as ‘bu' which is the abbreviation of ‘ibu'(which means ma'am).

•  In most western country, a person is called by their last name. John Smith will be called Mr. Smith. However, in Indonesia , John Smith will be called Mr. John.

•  Indonesian is the most populated Islamic country in the world. Avoid serving or giving any food that contain pork to the Muslims.

•  During Ramadan Month (The feasting month for the Muslims), to show consideration to the Muslims, most restaurants cover the sights by fixing curtain on the windows.




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