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Clubbing Tips
  • The legal law to enter a club/disco is 17 years old. The legal age to consume alcohol is 17 years old, and for tobacco is 21 years old. However, these are only the legal written law. In reality, no clubs ever checked their patrons for IDs.
  • In most clubs, the drinks are quite pricey. However, smuggling drinks into the club is not recommended. You will probably be thrown out of the club and banned.
  • A good number of clubs will have special shows on weekends. These will include special appearance or live performance by guest star, ladies night, lingerie shows, etc.
  • Nearly all clubs get warmed up around 11.30pm. At this hour, the clubs start to get packed. And by 12am, you can start to see the people start to pour on the dance floor.
  • Most clubs are usually closed around 4am. There are few that are closed at 2 am, and few more that are open 24 hours starting Friday night until Sunday night.
  • In the holy month of Ramadhan (the fasting month for muslims), to show some respect on the Muslims, the government issues instruction to regulate the clubs' operating hours. For clubs located in the hotels, they must close their doors at 2am the latest. And for the clubs outside the hotels, 12am is the time limit.
  • Unlike some clubs in other countries, in Jakarta even when the guests are too drunk until they threw up, they will not get kicked out. But for fighting, you will definitely be kicked out and banned from the club for life.
  • When going with friends, chose a designated driver (who can stay sober for the night) for each night. If you do not have the designated driver, take a taxi home. Do not drink and drive.
  • Recently, most clubs in Jakarta, apply new rules that impose you to dress up when you go clubbing. As to give the clubs better images, dressing up when going clubbing also giving you additional personal value - enhancing your personality and charms. No more sandal jepits, no more shorts, ugly t-shirts or torn jeans instead, now you see more and more clubbers dress to impress.





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