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Jakarta Churches

All Saint’s Anglican (Evangelical)
Address: Jl. Arif Rahman Hakim No. 5. Central Jakarta
Phone: (62)(21)619-3882.
: All Saints is an Anglican (Episcopalian/Protestant) church catering for members of the English speaking community in Jakarta. Anyone (from any church background - or none) is welcome to join us on Sundays.

Bethel English Service (BES)
Address: Pusat Perfilman Usmar Ismail
(next to Pasar Festival). Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. C-22
Kuningan, South Jakarta

Calvary Life Fellowship
Address: Imperial Aryaduta Hotel. Lippo Karawaci.

Cengkareng Church
Address: Jl. Utama III/23 - North Jakarta.
Phone: (62)(21)619-3882.

German Speaking Catholic Community
Address: Jl. Pejaten Barat I No. 4-B. South Jakarta.

Jakarta Int. Baptist Church
Address: Jl. Tirtayasa Raya No. 1. Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Phone: (62)(21)724 6268.

Jakarta Int. Christian Fellowship
Address: The Financial Club, 2nd Floor. Graha Niaga Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.5, South Jakarta

CathedralSt Mary's Cathedral (Kathedral)
Address: Jalan Kathedral 7B, Central Jakarta.
Phone: (62)(21) 351 9186.
Review: Across the road from the Mesjid Istiqlal Mosque you'll find the St Mary's Cathedral, known today by the locals as “Kathedral”... more

Santo Robertus Church
Address: Jl. Kelapa Gading III/38 - East Jakarta.
Phone: (62)(21)800-1550.

Santo Kristoforus Church
Address: Jl. Rahayu Jelambar - West Jakarta.
Phone: (62)(21)560-2644.

Santo Stepanus Church
Address: Jl. Muhasyim IV/2 - South Jakarta.
Phone: (62)(21)751-2669.

St. Maria de Fatima Catholic Church Transformed 19th-century Chinese mansion
Address: 47 Jalan Kemenangan III, Glodok, Jakarta.
Phone: Originally an old 19th-century Chinese mansion owned by some wealthy families, this grand building was purchased and transformed by the Catholic Church in 1955. The interior is reminiscent of an affluent Chinese house and features an exquisite oriental wooden ceiling. The decorations, however, are very much Catholic in style. A statue of St. Maria de Fatima and two carved Chinese lions stand in front of the church, welcoming visitors.

Protestant / Interdenominational

All Saints Anglican Church Indonesia's only Anglican church
Address: Jl. Arief Rahman Hakim 5. Prapatan, Kwitang. Jakarta
Phone: (62)(21)3193 5283.
Review: Built as a bamboo structure in 1822 and renovated to its present state in 1829, this is the only Anglican Church in Indonesia. Located across the street from the Farmer's Statue, the church stands behind a double metal gate. The tombstone of Lieutenant Colonel William Campbell, who passed away in 1811, lies in the churchyard. Inside the church, you will find two small windows painted by Lieutenant Commander H.C. Upton. These once adorned a chapel in Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta. Admission is free, but permission is required.

Advent Church
Address: Jl. Cawang Baru Tgh 75 - East Jakarta.
Phone: (62)(21)856-0557.

Bethany Church
Address: Jl. Mangga Besar 8/4 B - West Jakarta.
Phone: (62)(21)600-8575.

Bethel Indonesia Church
Address: Jl. Gedong 15 B - West Jakarta.
Phone: (62)(21)659-6538.

Black Portuguese Church / Sion Church

Address: Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta No.1 Jakarta near Kota station.
Phone: The original name of the Sion church is “De Nieuwe Portugeesche Buitenkerk” or the “New Portuguese Church outside the walls”. The church was built just outside the city walls of Batavia...more

Indonesia Menteng Church
Address: Jl. Tawes Rawamangun 31 - Central Jakarta.
Phone: (62)(21)475-8177.

Immanuel ChurchImmanuel Church
Address: Jl. Merdeka Timur 10 - Central Jakarta.
Phone: (62)(21)344-0747.
Review: This Church is located across the Gambir train station, Central Jakarta. This church was build under the agreement of Lutheran and Reformation believers. This church was designed by J.H Horst, and the construction started in 1834. In 24 August 1835, the first stone was placed. And exactly 4 years later, in 24 August 1839, the construction was completed... more

International English Service
Address: Wisma Staco 11th Fl, Casablanca Kav 18, Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: +62(21)831 7222
Review: International English Service is a church serving the English Speaking community in Jakarta.

Jakarta Praise Community Church
Address: Hotel Nikko, Annex Building - Upper Room
Phone: +62(21)251 2830

Tugu Church. International English Service.
Address: Jl. Raya Gereja Tugu - North Jakarta.
Phone: (62)(21)440-3767.
Review: Built between 1744 and 1747, this is the second oldest church in Jakarta and is now preserved as a historic monument. The church was built by Father Mardijkers, the priest also known for freeing a group of slaves from the Dutch. Although the building has undergone several major renovations, some original parts remain, including the bell tower and baptismal pool. The complex now also accommodates a home for the elderly, a cemetery and a high school.

Wesley Metodist Worship Service
Address: Wesley Pelita Bangsa School Hall. Jl. Pluit Raya No.18-19, North Jakarta




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