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Business Tips
  • The regular business hour in Jakarta is from 9am to 5pm, with lunchtime from 1pm to 2pm. However, on Fridays, some office closed from 11.30am to 1pm allowing the male Muslims employee to attend weekly sermon in the nearest mosques.
  • The operating hour for most banks is from 8 am to 4pm. However, in reality, the transactions can be done at 3 pm the latest. These banks closed on Saturday and Sunday.
  • The Dress code for business meeting varies greatly depending on the meeting place, the occasion, and the people you are going to meet. The regular business suit, long sleeve shirt with or without tie, batik shirt, and even short sleeve shirt are just some example of acceptable attires.
  • The usual way to greet people in Jakarta, particularly where business is concerned, is by shaking hands. Some Muslim women do not shake hands, due to their religious beliefs.
  • If you are making your appointments few days in advance, reconfirm your appointment at least one day before the meeting. Some Indonesians might have short memory problems, temporary amnesia, or intentional forgetfulness.
  • Try not to schedule too many meetings in a day. The traffic in the morning/afternoon is quite bad. It could take more than an hour or two to go to one place to the other. Aside from the traffic, many Indonesian has a bad habit of not showing up on time. The common and ‘acceptable' tardiness is around 30 minutes to one hour.
  • Indonesians usually speak with a soft voice, smile frequently and remain extremely polite during the meetings. The smile is no indication that they agree with you. But even the word yes, may not necessarily means “yes I agree”. It might means “yes I heard what you are saying”. And in some case, Indonesians might say “not yet” as a polite way of saying “no”
  • When you have a business agreement, have everything written on the paper. Gentlemen agreement and handshake are not sufficient.
  • In Indonesia, connections and good relationship to the right people play an important role in determining the success of the business proposal
  • Some reports stated that Indonesia is one of the most corrupted nations in the world. The reports may be based on the actual transactions that took place in Indonesia. Hence, it should not be too exaggerating to say that although it is illegal, bribery is not an uncommon practice among businesses in Indonesia.





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