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Airport Tips
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  • Porters are available at the baggage claim section. The fare is counted based on the numbers of luggage carried. Make sure you asked in advance how much per luggage cost. It has been reported that some porter ask for a ridiculous amount of money for their service.
  • Both terminal 1 and two have an information desk available. The phone number is (021)550-5179 and (021) 550-5307. There is also a 24 hour tourist information (021) 550-7088.
  • Money changers are available inside the airport. However, due to the high cost of space rent, they might charge higher than the money changers in the city area.
  • Once you passed the baggage claim and head to the exit, you will find many people offering you taxi. Keep walking. These people charge much more than if you get the taxi outside the building.
  • Once you exit the airport, you will see many taxis waiting outside. However, before going in the taxi, ask the driver if s/he will go by the meter. Many taxi drivers will bargain for a certain amount of money instead of using the meter (especially when they see that you are a foreigner). We suggest you to get into the reputable taxi such as Blue Bird or Silver Bird. Most likely they will use the meter.
  • If there aren't Blue Bird or Silver Bird taxis around, go to the second floor of the building (the departure area). And when you see a Silver Bird or Blue Bird taxi dropping off the passengers, just get in. They will gladly drive you to your destination point.
  • In addition to the amount on the meter, taxi driver might ask you for toll money. Simply look at the sign on the toll gate to know how much you need to pay.
  • Always remember to watch your belongings. Thefts are not uncommon here.






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